7 Best Leg Makeup to Cover Spider Veins

Do you not just hate it when you are ready for summer and your body is not?

I get that. I am way too far away from my summer body to hit the beach, but sometimes, just sometimes, a girl wants to wear shorts.

I have two gnarly little scars running from my left calf to my thigh, thanks to a bike accident. And sometimes I like to cover them.

Watching me do so, my friend brought up her spider vein. Like many people, she has a pretty visible case of spider vein in her legs and her being super pale does not help.

I keep telling everyone to love their body as it is, but that does not mean I will stop you from exercising your free will! If today is the day you feel like learning about some exciting products, hop on!

I have the 7 best leg makeup to cover spider veins that will be effortless and long-lasting!

7 Best Leg Makeup to Cover Spider Veins

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01# Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Longwear Matte Foundation

  • Can be Used as: Face, Body & Leg Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Full Coverage; Sweat & Heat Resistant

In summer, you need leg makeup that is long-lasting. Body foundation that is heat and also sweat-resistant will be a blessing, trust me. This particular foundation by Revlon is great at covering visible veins.

My aunt loves this foundation to hide her Varicose vein. She swears that a more comfortable leg makeup does not exist- this is like a true body cover!

You will find this available in 15 shades, which is the only drawback to it. If it matches your skin complexion, great! Then you are all settled!

02# NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar

  • Can be Used as: Face, Leg & Body Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Full Coverage; Has a Natural Finish

Be it varicose vein, stretch marks, uneven skin tone or scars- a good concealer will do just the trick! If you want to make your leg makeup more long-lasting, layering a high coverage concealer will correct your skin tone in every way!

This concealer by NYX medium to high buildable coverage. So you can definitely use it on its own too!
I love how this has a natural finish that does not look cakey. For a seamless blend, use a makeup sponge and dab some powder afterwards to set it!

03# LA Girl Pro High Definition Concealer

  • Can be Used as: Face, Body & Leg Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Good Coverage; Extensive Shade Range

Another concealer that works wonders as a body concealer!

Not only is this product super cheap, but comes in so many shades! Some of the shades can also be used as a color corrector. If your leg veins have super contrasting colors, you will need to color correct them. After that, a body foundation will seal the deal!

I must mention that this concealer does not have super high coverage. So I would suggest using this before a body foundation. And do not forget to set the whole thing with powder!

I love this concealer for hiding dark spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone as well. This one is an all-rounder!

04# Dermacol Make-up Cover Full Coverage Foundation

  • Can be Used as: Leg & Body Makeup
  • Key Benefits: High Coverage; Contains SPF 30; Waterproof

This one is a holygrail for many! A lot of my friends use it not only to cover a tattoo, but scars as well! A bruise can be covered fully in a few minutes with this foundation. So be it varicose or other leg veins, you can count on it!

It is perfect as a body foundation because it also has SPF 30. And because it is waterproof, that means that this will be the perfect pick for multiple activities.

You can use this on your face too. But because it is so full coverage, I personally do not like it on my face. Regardless, to cover blood vessels, scars, or blemishes- I love this!

Make sure to match it with your self tanning lotion or your skin tone.

05# L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Matte Concealer

  • Can be Used as: Face, Body & Leg Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Good Coverage; Waterproof & Long-Lasting

This is another amazing concealer that you can use as a body concealer. I love how weightless and seamless it feels once blended with a beauty sponge. A waterproof concealer also helps your body foundation become more long-lasting!

Even if you do not layer it with body makeup, on its own it can cover up scars, blood vessels, or a bruise.
Make sure to match this with your skin tone if you are wearing a sunless tanning lotion. And always set with powder to stop it from settling!

06# Dermablend Cover Care Full Coverage Concealer Makeup and Corrector

  • Can be Used as: Body & Leg Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Full Coverage; Waterproof & Long-Lasting

Okay guys. Do I really need to say more about Dermablend? Dermablend revolutionized the world of makeup with its ultimate coverage. You can use it on your face too if you want, but I would limit the use to age spots or scars.

On your body, if you have stretch marks, Dermablend will be a product you will love. For blood vessels, this is a great body cover too! You can easily use it as a color corrector as well

As it is super full coverage, do not forget to match with your self tanning lotion. That will ensure easy blending with your skin tone.

07# Dermablend Flawless Creator Multi-Use Liquid Foundation Makeup

  • Can be Used as: Body & Leg Makeup
  • Key Benefits: Full Coverage; Waterproof & Long-Lasting; Lightweight

Yet again, Dermablend needs no introduction. It is a tad bit on the pricier side, yes.But Dermablend leg foundation is all you will hear for a case of visible veins.

Dermablend leg foundation, or body foundation, took over the internet a few years ago. It covered a tattoo effortlessly, as though it never existed! From age spots to a bad bruise- what can you not cover with this?

Match it with your fake tan if you have any and set it with powder. You will have legs for days!

I believe there is not much convincing left for me to do. Everyone should have a Dermablend foundation in their vanity. I know I love it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# How Can You Disguise Spider Veins on Legs?

Ans: Take a concealer to either color correct or to add coverage. Go on top of it with a full coverage foundation. Set it with some setting spray and powder!

Q2# How Can I Get Rid of Spider Veins?

Ans: You can cover spider veins with makeup. But many people also seek medical help, such as Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a popular spider vein treatment. But you should always consult with a professional!

Q3# Is Full Coverage Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

Ans: No. As long as you use good quality makeup and take it off properly, you are good! There is no need to worry!


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