7 Best Mascara for Redheads

I do not know about you, but I look tired without mascara on.

I just have to have it on every time I step out or I can skip on eyeliner and even doing my eyebrow. But mascara? Never!

A good coat of mascara widens your eyes and makes you look awake. But it also makes you look lively and pretty! Now, if you are a redhead, I am pretty sure that you have had your share of troubles finding a mascara.

It can be tricky to get the right mascara for redheads mainly because of their pale yet tinted lash. Unlike blonde, brunette or black haired gals, redheads have lash that need a generous coating. That ensures a vibrant color pay-off!

So, to put an end to that misery, here are the 7 best mascara for redheads!

7 Best Mascara for Redheads

01# Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara Blackest Black

  • Types Available: 6
  • Key Benefits: Fans out lashes; Pigmented & does not clump

Maybelline Lash Sensational is just the right name for the mascara. It is indeed a sensational mascara that suits all. You can have red hair color and any skin tone- this will look great in you.

This black mascara is highly pigmented and coats your eyelash nicely. It fans out the lash and makes your eyes pop. If you have green eyes, you will love this! Green eyes really pop with this mascara, complemented by the red hair.

This one is available in 6 different types, washable and waterproof. A quick makeup tip- for your makeup, this looks great with smokey eyes. But then again any eye makeup should look nice!

02# Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

  • Types Available: 4
  • Key Benefits: Volumizes; Lengthens without clumps

I love this volumizing mascara! For a clump-free, volumizing experience, my red hair gal pals. This mascara comes in 4 different types of formula for different effects. But with any eye makeup, this mascara looks fabulous!

Do your eye shadow, use your brow products on the brow, and pull this out next. This will coat each lash perfectly- making your hair color pop more! Your eye makeup will look perfect- be it bold or simple!
This is also great for sensitive eyes.

My friend with red hair loves this mascara with a lighter shade of outfit. She says that a lighter shade brings more attention to her hair and skin shade. Does that sound like something you would like?

03# Maybelline Sky High Washable Mascara Makeup

  • Types Available: 4
  • Key Benefits: Volumizes & Lengthens; Flexible mascara wand

This is a new hype in the makeup industry. When this mascara took Tiktok by storm, people swore that their lash line had never looked more magnificent.

Regardless of your hair color, this will go perfectly with any look. Whether you have pale skin, fair skin or a deeper skin tone- you will look like a goddess.

This mascara will give each lash a good coating that will lengthen and volumize. The mascara wand is very flexible so it helps you get into the inner corner properly. You will find it in 4 washable and waterproof mascara versions!

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04# L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara

  • Types Available: 11
  • Key Benefits: Thickens; Does not clump

Are you on the hunt for a good auburn mascara? If you have red hair, this burgundy mascara will make your lash look stunning! You can settle for a. auburn mascara look, or deepen it up!

I especially love to see it paired with auburn brow products. A brown eyebrow pencil and thickening brow gel, along with brown eyeliner- gorgeous! Your lash line will be ultimately perfected.

Remember to give your eyelash a good curl beforehand- a makeup tip to widen your eyes further!

05# Maybelline the Falsies Lash Lift Washable Mascara

  • Types Available: 5
  • Key Benefits: Lengthens, Lifts & Volumizes

Another mascara that makes every eye color pop! Not just that, be it red hair or any other hair color- a good black mascara has no alternative.

For redheads, this black mascara looks amazing with a deep brow pencil, some smoked-out eyeliner and clear brow gel. Coordinating brow products with hair color or shade of hair dye is important!

This too is available in washable and waterproof mascara versions. You might even find it in a lighter, different shade too!

06# L’Oreal Paris Makeup Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lengthening 2 Step Mascara

  • Types Available: 1
  • Key Benefits: Lengthens & Volumizes; Comes with a primer

Many people with sensitive eyes complain about flaking. When a black mascara flakes, it gets into the eyes. Thus besides irritated eyes, you may also look like a panda.

To avoid that, this black mascara comes with a primer! It holds on to whatever mascara shade you apply on top! That is right, you can easily use this with any other mascara shade- there is no limit to creativity.

You can use a light brown mascara or just brown mascara on top of it. Looks great with red hair colour!

So while you feel like a makeup artist with this versatile mascara, remember to take it off properly. All my redhead friends love a good primer to really hold on to the black mascara pigment!

07# Just For Redheads Mascara Studio

  • Types Available: 4
  • Key Benefits: Does not smudge; Lengthens & Defines

Just the right mascara for my babes with red hair colour!

Bring out your brown eyeliner, a nude blush and a sultry bronzer! Yes, I have a full look in mind with this brown mascara! This comes in 4 shades- each shade to give you a brown or light brown mascara look!

Brush it through your eyelash and achieve well-defined lashes. I love seeing it paired with nude/brown blush and bronzer. Gives a totally cute monochromatic look!

Style tip- curl then brush through your hair for an 80s babe look!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Which Mascara Shade should Redheads Wear?

Ans: I am not a makeup artist, but black mascara looks best on redhead women! Brush through your lash carefully to coat each hair properly. And you are good to go!

Q2# Is Brown Mascara Better for Redhead Women?

Ans: Brown Mascara will surely look more natural on redheads. But make sure not to pick something that is too light. Dark brown is a good option!

Q3# What Color Eyelashes Do Redheads Have?

Ans: In general, people with naturally red hair have blond eyelashes, but not strawberry blonde! Many also have dark eyelashes. The eyebrow shade varies as well.


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