8 Best Glossier Boy Brow Dupes

There is just so much excitement I feel behind the purchase of every Glossier product.

I am constantly wooed by the simple yet so eloquently designed formula and though that goes behind each product. After religiously recommending Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and Cloud Paint to people, I stumbled upon something. And it was to become a new staple in my routine!

Glossier’s Boy Brow changed my eyebrow game forever. I have moderately thick brows and yet Boy Brow made them look so feathery and fluffy!

Sadly, Glossier Boy Brow is priced a tad bit high compared to the amount of product you get. So the price really becomes an issue when you have to replace it every 2 months.

And the solution to that is the best Glossier Boy Brow dupes! I have figured out 8 of them, so keep reading!

Glossier Boy Brow: An Overview

So what is the deal, you ask?

The magic that comes in that tiny little jar is addictive. You start with one coat and then you do not stop using it till the spoolie comes out dry.

The formula, even though it may feel like conventional brow pomade, is much more interesting than it seems. It has almost no waxy, tacky feel to it. Neither does it give you crispy brows. Each coat leaves your brows feeling soft, yet staying put for long hours.

You get feathery brows that feel natural due to the flexibility the brow product allows. I love how it thickens to make your brows fluffy, and also conditions them!

You will find this in 5 shades. My only complaint is the amount we get for the price.

So what could be a possible Glossier Boy Brow dupe? Let us find out!

8 Best Glossier Boy Brow Dupes

01# essence 3-Pack Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

  • Shades: 5
  • Key Benefits: Defined Brows; Adds Volume

This tinted brow gel is a fantastic drugstore dupe for Glossier Boy Brow! It contains fibers that add volume to your brows without making them look unkempt. Just like Glossier Boy Brow, you will notice that your brows look much fuller and fluffier!

I love this brow mascara as this is quite a cheap alternative to Glossier Boy Brow. I actually like this over Colourpop Boss Brow Gel because this is so much more long-lasting!

The tint fills up sparse areas too so you hardly need to touch up with a brow pencil. All that being said, this is a top Glossier Boy Brow drugstore dupe!

02# e.l.f. Wow Brow Gel

  • Shades: 5
  • Key Benefits: Long-Lasting; Adds Volume

I do not know where to even begin with this Wow Brow Gel! This is a true drugstore gem. I recently found out about it and I have not been able to stop reaching for it. I think that this is a stunning Glossier Boy Brow dupe and there are so many reasons why!

Firstly, I personally feel that this lasts longer than Glossier Boy Brow. It is a brow product that will not disappoint you- be it the price and quality. This will give your eyebrows more volume to create a very editorial looking bushy brow.

As it is a kind of eyebrow makeup, it will complete your makeup look. On most days I use this, and conceal my dark circles, add some mascara and I am ready to go!

03# NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Control Freak Eyebrow Gel

  • Shades: 1 (Clear)
  • Key Benefits: Long-Lasting; Holds Shape

If you want a dupe to Glossier’s Boy Brow but you are not a tinted gel girl, do not worry. I have just the right clear gel for your eyebrows that will be the perfect dupe for Glossier Boy Brow.

This clear brow gel by NYX is a total staple in a lot of people’s routine. For an everyday makeup, pair this with some skin tint and a little Balm Dot Com! And I also should mention that it holds the shape of your brows just like Glossier Boy Brow.

You can also use this on your eyelashes to hold the curl. Amazing stuff, I must say!

04# COVERGIRL Easy Breezy Brow Shape & Define Eyebrow Mascara

  • Shades: 5
  • Key Benefits: Defines; Does not Smudge

Another tinted gel that is a spectacular alternative to Glossier Boy Brow. Why? Similar to Glossier Boy Brow, this gel holds shape without making your brows look or feel stiff. The tint adds definition that truly makes your eyebrows look well-sculpted.

I should also mention that this sadly does not add much volume like Glossier Boy Brow does. But this is still a good eyebrow makeup gel!

05# NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP The Brow Glue Instant Brow Styler

  • Shades: 1 (Clear)
  • Key Benefits: Super Long-Lasting; Sculpting

Another brow product by NYX! This too only comes in one shade. Since it is clear, it suits eyebrows of any and every shade, so that is good.

The name is truly quite fitting. Just like a glue, it holds your brows up in place for up to 16 hours! So in this case, I find that it does a better job than Glossier Boy Brow.

It can give you that soap brows effect without being too stiff to work with. The fun packaging is just an added bonus! I recommend this to people who have thick brows and want to tame them without adding extra tint.

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06# REVLON ColorStay Brow Fiber Filler Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

  • Shades: 6
  • Key Benefits: Defines & Thickens

This is a tried and true Glossier Boy Brow dupe. For fuller brows, this one will be a brilliant pick. I also find that it has some similarity with Benefit’s Gimme More, but that is just a personal experience.

If you have sparse brows I highly recommend this eyebrow product. This will coat each brow hair with its tint and add volume with the fibers in it. You will surely love the fluffy brows look! If you have bushy brows, this still is worth a try!

You can also use the clear version to add volume. And then use an eyebrow pencil to define your brows further. I do that and I love the results!

07# Maybelline Eyebrow Mascara Makeup

  • Shades: 8
  • Key Benefits: Pigmented; Sculpts

Need a Glossier Boy Brow Blonde dupe? Or a Glossier Boy Brow Black dupe? You have it all in the 8 shades this gel comes in! For a natural brow, I love this as it adds pigment without looking overwhelming.

The spoolie brush that comes with it is quite unique and coats each hair perfectly. I do not know if this is safe for the eyes but the brush makes me want to put it on my lash!

For a natural look, add a bit of an eyebrow pencil and some lip balm or lip gloss. And you will look straight out of a magazine!

08# Almay Eyebrow Styler

  • Shades: 4
  • Key Benefits: Precise; Lifts & Grooms

This is a Glossier dupe that perfectly fits my needs! I wanted something that would lift my brows like Glossier Boy Brow, but with more precision. This one does exactly that!

The spoolie brush allows it to get to each hair and allow a natural brow. This also reminds me of Em Cosmetics’ brow gel.

Formula wise, I feel it is a mixture of Glossier Boy Brow and Colourpop Boss Brow gel. But overall this is a great Glossier dupe if you want lifted brows with more precision!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Glossier Boy Brow Help to Grow Eyebrows?

Ans: I would say no. The brand does not claim that it does, however it has conditioning properties.It has soluble collagen, which we know is a great ingredient. Well-moisturized brows will of course look healthier, so there is that!

Q2# Is Glossier Boy Brow Worth it?

Ans: It surely is! I enjoyed mine thoroughly and if you have the bucks to spend, go for it! Even though the quantity to price ratio may raise a brow (pun intended), the formula is superb. So it is definitely worth a try.

Q3# Is Boy Brow Good for Thick Eyebrows?

Ans: I have thick eyebrows and I enjoyed it. It adds volume without making your brows look boxy. So even if you have thick brows, they will be fluffy and feathery! I enjoy this more than I like defining my eyebrows into a thinner shape.


Did you enjoy the 8 best Glossier Boy Brow dupes? I handpicked each Glossier Boy Brow dupe to fit several needs within the similar formula range. I hope all of them work out for you!

Let me know if you have any other eyebrow product in mind!

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