7 Best Hair Salons in Belton TX

The first and most obvious aspect of one’s beauty is their hair. When you look great but have unflattering hair, your whole appearance might come off as incomplete. A fantastic hairstyle will leave you feeling in charge of your life and eventually strong and confident.

Compared to individuals who are experiencing a terrible hair day, people with nice hair feel infinitely more competent and capable of accomplishing things. As a result, we have come up with a list of the 7 Best Hair Salons in Belton TX that we can assure you will transform you both outwardly and inwardly.

7 Best Hair Salons in Belton TX

1# Be.You.Tiful Hair Salon

Among the salons in Belton, Texas, one of the best places to visit is Be.You.Tiful Hair Salon. In the center of Belton, Texas, sits the award-winning hair and beauty salon called Be.You.Tiful Salon. Their hairdressers excel in lash extensions, indoor tanning, makeovers, grooming and hairstyles and hair color services.

The owner of the Be.You.Tiful Salon, Nory Cruz, values the work she does and relishes picking up new abilities to improve in her profession. She has earned numerous certifications in her profession, namely Blonde Authority and Redken Specialist.

Why Choose Be.You.Tiful Hair Salon:

  • Their stylists have 20+ years of expertise in this field.
  • Offers a wide range of packages for hair and makeup for wedding events.
  • It has a level system which gives customers several pricing options.
  • Assures that their brides will have a special day that is enjoyable, beautiful, and unforgettable.

Be.You.Tiful Hair Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.beltonbeyoutifulsalon.com
  • Location: 108 N Main St, Belton, TX 76513, United States
  • Contact: +1 254-939-7499
  • Reviews: 180 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.8/5

2# Alter Salon

Initially from western New York, in 1999, Monica traveled to Central Texas to open Alter Salon. She has been a hairstylist for 16 years, first practicing in local boutiques for 6 of those years before starting her own company in 2010. She had begun working for herself before looking for a facility which would adequately meet her customer’s needs.

Monica is licensed in Cinderella and Lox extensions and has expertise in hair color and highlighting the area. Additionally, Monica has received practical training from the industry’s top professionals.

Why Choose Alter Salon:

  • provide such a friendly, loving atmosphere where people can be themselves.
  • Their stylists frequently take classes to polish up their expertise according to the current fashion trends.
  • Promises to fulfill your requirements regardless of what they might be in terms of styling.
  • Want their clients to be happy so that they can spread happiness to others.

Alter Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.altersalon.com
  • Location: 2419 N Main St, Belton, TX 76513, United States
  • Contact: +1 254-939-2031
  • Reviews: 98 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

3# Shear Bliss Hair Salon

Lesleigh Dunlap has had a flourishing 16-year experience as a salon owner and licensed hairstylist, thanks to her meticulous and creative approach. She is the owner of Shear Bliss Hair Salon, a Redken professional and an expert beautician. Lesleigh engages with customers to develop stylish, distinctive, and practical hairstyles as part of her quest for lovely hair.

She is exceptionally skilled with fine hair and excels in natural curl treatments, razor cuts, color management, and Brazilian blowouts. From the moment a client walks through the door of the Shear Bliss Hair Salon to their next visit, Lesleigh is devoted to making them feel fabulous.

Why Choose Shear Bliss Hair Salon:

  • Provides top-notch haircuts to people of all ages, including men, women, and children.
  • Their staff will give their everything to provide the most outstanding services.
  • The stylists are knowledgeable about the most recent and cutting-edge approaches.
  • They collectively have more than 50 years of experience.

Shear Bliss Hair Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.shearblissbelton.com
  • Location: 514 N Wall St, Belton, TX 76513, United States
  • Contact: +1 254-939-7856
  • Reviews: 147 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

4# Vida Salon

Since 2004, the CEO of Vida Salon, Victoria Chapa Tovar, has worked in the cosmetics and beauty industries. Her objective as a leader of a salon is to create a workforce that can accomplish the personal objectives of their customers.

Victoria Chapa Tovar’s favorite scene is when she sees her staff and customers having a good time and leaving satisfied. She is incredibly grateful to her family for their love and support throughout her career because of whom she could start her own business.

Why Choose Vida Salon:

  • The atmosphere is warm and pleasant for everybody.
  • Delivers excellent and trustworthy service.
  • Offers top-notch customer support.
  • The stylists are extremely detail-oriented in the work that they do.

Vida Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.vida.salon
  • Location: 2102 SW H K Dodgen Loop Suite 108, Temple, TX 76504
  • Contact: (254) 228-5245
  • Reviews: 13 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

5# Hair By Hannah

Hannah, the founder and owner of Hair by Hannah, has worked in the hair industry for seven years altogether. For the past four years, she has been working with a broad education and a license. She has always possessed a creative side, which significantly contributes to her passion for the profession she does.

Hannah considers her clients to be her second family. They are extremely important to her.
She has taken the time to create a welcoming, cozy, and comfortable ambiance in her salon, just like she does in her own home.

Why Choose Hair By Hannah:

  • The salon is trustworthy, diligent, and genuine.
  • To help you achieve your hair objectives, the stylists are very flexible.
  • They work in such great detail.
  • As soon as you go into the salon, you are immediately made to feel at home.

Hair By Hannah Contact Details:

6# Nikki’s Hair Studio

Among numerous hair salons in Belton, Texas, Nikki’s Hair Studio comes to you with its unique set of services. Nikki launched Nikki’s Hair Studio on November 30, 2016, and she is both the owner and sole stylist there. For fifteen years, Nikki has worked as a hairstylist. She has spent ten years in Temple, during which she has amassed a devoted customer base.

She keeps up with the most recent training and fashion styles. Nikki is a certified professional when it comes to dealing with Redken. She is also certified in Brazilian Blowouts and Cinderella Extensions.

Why Choose Nikki’s Hair Studio:

  • Nikki’s Hair Studio offers an exceptional degree of customer care.
  • Are informed on Redken’s most recent training programs.
  • Takes part in a wide variety of additional training programs across the state.
  • Assures a wonderful time and service to their clients.

Nikki’s Hair Studio Contact Details:

  • Website: nikkishs.com
  • Location: 3604 SW H K Dodgen Loop #102, Temple, TX 76502, United States
  • Contact: +1 254-773-4401
  • Reviews: 46 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

7# J Kelley’s Salon & Barber Shop

J kelley’s Salon’s Owner and Founder, Jana Tanner, has been styling hair for over twenty years. Blonding is one of Jana’s preferred services to provide. Additionally, she holds JZ Extensions, Blonde Authority, and Redken Specialist licenses.

Tanner adores each of her clients and delights in achieving their hair goals. She also enjoys fostering connections with her customers and providing a space where they may stop by and leave with a positive self-image.

Why Choose J Kelley’s Salon & Barber Shop:

  • A high-end salon catering to Central’s women, men, and kids.
  • Their workforce stays current with contemporary trends and fashions.
  • Experts in standard cuts, colors, and highlights.
  • Military personnel, emergency responders, and teachers are all given discounts.

J Kelley’s Salon & Barber Shop Contact Details:

  • Website: www.jkelleyssalon.com
  • Location: 7480 Honeysuckle, Temple, TX 76502, United States
  • Contact: +1 254-771-0046
  • Reviews: 171 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

Final Words

One might feel more confident in oneself by choosing a hairstyle or color that suits their skin tone and facial features while also matching the structure of their face. A bad hairstyle will undoubtedly negatively affect the rest of your day by fostering self-doubt and self-criticism.

So, from our compiled list of 7 Best Hair Salons in Belton Tx feel free to find a new home for your hair that will treat it the way it deserves to be treated.

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