7 Best Hair Salons in Danville CA

It takes years of training and experience to match you and your style. Artists work closely with you to make a statement that exceeds your expectations and accomplishes your goals. I’ve compiled a list of the top 7 salons that offer the newest products for your styling and hair needs.

They start taking care of you with a soothing massage, a bespoke cut, and a regimen for management and treatment to maintain your hair’s health, style, and beauty.

Get the appearance you desire!

7 Best Hair Salons in Danville CA


PREP was designed as a result of demand. The proprietors were unable to locate a salon that could serve their whole family. As parents, they sought solutions to the issues they encountered when picking a salon for the family.

Why are superior haircuts only available to adults? When did being kid-friendly become being against parents? Why are kid salons designed exclusively for the youngest kids?

It was discovered that there weren’t any salons capable of managing the complexity of men’s, kids’, and women’s hair. As a result, PREP was developed, a family-friendly salon with a concentration on high-quality hair services in a chic environment.


  • You can get 20% off on your 1s service.
  • A brand-new style of a family-friendly urban hair salon.
  • Salons capable of handling the unique needs of men’s, women’s, and kids’ hair.
  • The Salon is Open to all.

PREP Contact Details:

2. JD Academy of Salon and Spa

Seeking a facility where you can satisfy every one of your beauty needs? Then, it is JD Academy that you are looking for. But, first, enjoy the tranquillity and advantages of a spa day.

The students and teaching staff are professionals in everything from hair care to makeup, and they can help you release tension and buildup so you may leave feeling rejuvenated.

Janet Paradiso is the president and sole proprietor of JD Academy of Salon and Spa, which was originally W Academy of Salon and Spa. You’d be causing yourself an injustice by not taking full advantage of this slashing facility with the greatest items.

Why JD Academy of Salon and Spa:

• For those interested in becoming cosmetologists and aestheticians, JD Academy offers a cosmetology program.
• A salon was offering a comprehensive range of services, such as manicures, facials, and hair care!
• JD Academy will give you the instruction you need to learn the methods that will get you there.

JD Academy of Salon and Spa Contact Details:

  • Website: https://www.jdacademy.com
  • Location: 520 San Ramon Valley Blvd Danville, CA 94526
  • Contact: (925) 718-7990
  • Reviews: 12 Reviews on Google
  • Ratings: 4.4/5

3. The Hide Away Salon

In San Ramon, there is a private salon suite called The.Hide.Away. Victoria gained much knowledge about the salon industry and how to develop a successful working connection with clients.

In addition, she acquired the ability to read her statistics and use business to promote growth and benefit herself and her clients.

Victoria eventually discovered a boutique salon near Castro Valley. The.Hide.Away was thus born. Giving her customers the most unforgettable moments was where she could showcase her sense of design and space.

Why The Hide Away:

  • Fully vaccinated owner/stylist
  • This place is tidy and open for business.
  • This hair salon is regionally based in San Ramon, California, and is locally owned and run.
  • Specializing in color corrections, extensions, highlights, ombre, and balayage.

The Hide Away Contact Details:

4. Tribez Salon & Spa

Tribez is a filled-to-the-brim salon that has won several awards. Providing “Best of the Bay” services for massage, nails, permanent makeup, facials, waxing, and hair. In addition, they provide the top luxury brands of hair care and cosmetics.

More than 7,500 square feet of salon and spa area with excellent ambience and customer service. You can also go to their wonderful jewellery store. The best thing is that there is always a customer care agent to help you with your beauty salon and spa demands.

Why Tribez Salon & Spa:

  • Provides beauty/ Wedding makeover services for South Asian cultural citizens.
  • A full-service salon that has received prizes.
  • They provide the top luxury brands of hair care and cosmetics.
  • More than 7,500 square feet of salon and spa area with excellent atmosphere and customer experience.
  • You can also go to their fantastic pawn shop.

Tribez Salon & Spa Contact Details:

  • Website: www.tribezsalon.com
  • Location: 111 Town And Country Dr Ste G Danville, CA 94526
  • Contact: (925) 362-8600
  • Reviews: 51 Reviews on Google
  • Ratings: 4.4/5

5. Studio X Salon

One of the Tri-most Valley’s well-known salons, Studio X, is situated in San Ramon’s bustling Marketplace Shopping Center. The talented and in-demand stylists are dedicated to giving you outstanding service and relaxation, and they only use premium products to preserve the quality and health of your hair.

Full-service salon Studio X also provides a variety of specialized treatments and superior hair care. You are welcome to take a break from your busy lives and visit this beautiful, modern location!

Why Studio X:

  • Keratin treatments come with a free haircut.
  • Experienced, Friendly and very youthful staff.
  • You get access to 12 incredible stylists skilled in a wide range of styles and methods.
  • Encourage their creativity and acquisition of new abilities so that they can offer clients the best hair care possible.

Studio X Contact Details:

  • Website: salonxofsanramon.com
  • Location: 125 Railroad Avenue Ste E Danville, CA 94526
  • Contact: (925) 867-1212
  • Reviews: 40 Reviews on Google
  • Ratings: 5/5

6. Ashley Pollard Hair Studio

The color and naturalistic bead row extensions are the studio’s areas of expertise. Ashley Pollard Natural Beaded Row Extensions are a bespoke blend of the extensions in your own hair as well as the color of your own hair.

The artist’s work to achieve excellence while achieving a seamless, natural look that boosts your self-confidence and brings out your inner beauty.

Why Ashley Pollard Hair Studio:

  • Owner Ashley has 11 years of professional expertise.
  • Specializes in seamless hair extensions and Balayage
  • The color blending techniques are exceptional.

Ashley Pollard Hair Studio Contact Details:

  • Website: ashleypollardhair.com
  • Location: 225 Alamo Plaza Ste A Alamo, CA 94507
  • Contact: (925) 464-8941
  • Reviews: 140 reviews on Yelp
  • Ratings: 5/5

7. Gold and Ash Salon

Gold and Ash Salon were founded by CO owners Ashlee and Rick Villa to be a place of employment emphasizing growth and positivity. As a hairstylist and businessperson, Ashlee depends on strong, trustworthy connections.

She wants the relationships between her crew of stylists and their customers to be fulfilling and help them succeed in a service-based profession. So, visiting the salon is more than simply getting your hair cut and colored; it’s about building a relationship with your stylist. They style YOU in whatever way you require.

Why Gold and Ash Salon:

  • Excellently pleasing and eye-soothing area.
  • Uses only luxury goods of the highest quality to provide services.
  • Ashlee is renowned for being a master at creating her distinctive blonde hairstyles and balayage.

Gold and Ash Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.goldandash.com
  • Location: 816 Sycamore Valley Rd Danville, CA 94526
  • Contact: (925) 263-2465
  • Reviews: 4 Reviews on Yelp
  • Ratings: 5/5

Final Remark

When world-class product lines and highly skilled stylists are combined, a salon experience is enhanced. Salons that will make sure they are using the healthiest components, which won’t harm your hair or scalp. Check out my list because I have hand-picked Salons that promise exactly that.

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