7 Best Hair Salons in Hayward CA

After a certain stage, our skin and hair need some extra care than our regular care. But amid our busy schedule, it gets quite difficult to take care of at home. And the constant workload takes away the shine from our skin and hair.

Well, a one-hour visit to the salon can work as killing two birds with one stone! As you can have both extra care and relaxation by visiting a salon. To make this entire process hassle-free 7 Best Hair Salons in Hayward CA are discussed below.

7 Best Hair Salons in Hayward CA

1. Studio 180

An independent hair salon that gives you a touch of both personal and professional touch is none other than Studio 180. Studio 180 was established in 2015 since then, it has been in the heart of Hayward, CA people through their excellent service guarantee.

Lien, the owner has an eye for color, and she is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair color. Plus, her behavior is pleasing, which gives her client zero uncomfortable experience, said a reviewer.

Why choose Studio 180:

  • The environment is clean, private, and eye-pleasing too, which gives a comfortable experience.
  • At a great price, products from top brands like Olaplex are used by Lien.
  • The owner describes tips, techniques, and the process thoroughly so that customers can rely on them.
  • Different hair treatment services to bring the damaged hair back to life.

Studio 180 Contact Details:

  • Website: www.Studio180style.com
  • Location: 98 W Jackson St Ste 102 Hayward, CA 94544
  • Contact: (510) 366-9683
  • Reviews: 42 (on yelp)
  • Ratings: 5/5

2. Bay Blow Bar

If you’re looking for a style bar that can transform any hair type or texture into a great style, then Bay Blow Bar can be your solution.

Jessie Rodrigues, a certified makeup artist, has been in the industry since 2011 and has done hair for Raiderettes and Warrior girls and at Drybar. As she wanted to open a style bar for every kind of hair, this is when Bay Blow Bar happened in 2019.

Why choose Bay Blow Bar:

  • Bay blow bar specializes in hot-tool styles, braids, blow drys, etc., which can change your entire outlook.
  • A salon that brings style to all hair types and textures.
  • You can have your braid or style done quickly at a reasonable price.
  • E14 luxury service line is one of the marvelous additions.

Bay Blow Bar Contact Details:

  • Website: bayblowbar.com
  • Location: 22632 Main St Hayward, CA 94541
  • Contact: (510) 736-2221
  • Reviews: 40 (on yelp)
  • Ratings: 5/5

3. Flo Professional Braiding

To become a hair braiding service salon just according to your need is its ultimate motto of it. A combination of professional, premium products with a personalized hair service makes it number one in Hayward city.

A couple, Didy and Florette, formed a family business in 2017. Their staff is cordial enough not to use any insecticides or harsh chemicals to keep their customer’s hair itching-free.

Why choose Flo Professional Braiding:

  • No harsh detergents are used.
  • No chemicals, perms, or hot tools for hair to protect hair from any kind of damage
  • Clip-in hair, fusion hair, natural hair extension application option service available.
  • Their service is open for the whole week for 8/9 hours.

Flo Professional Braiding Contact Details:

  • Website: floprofessionalbraiding.com
  • Location: 20985 Foothill Blvd Hayward, CA 94541
  • Contact: (510) 480-7855
  • Reviews: 58(on yelp)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

4. Splendid Beauty Salon

Splendid Beauty Salon is a salon that has both professionalism and expertise. The owner, Lynn started his journey by working in his family salon when he was 18.

After getting a license in Cosmetology from the USA and several years of experience, Splendid Beauty Salon was established in 2000. More than 20 years of experience and specialization in cutting, coloring, and perms make the salon top-rated.

Why choose Splendid Beauty Salon:

  • Kids’ and men’s haircuts, along with trimming of men’s beards & mustaches, are done.
  • A small local business whose staff are communicative and make adjustments too.
  • Their top priority is to make your hair healthy, and their suggestions and tips include that.
  • Within 2 hours, their team will respond, and their response rate is 100%.

Splendid Beauty Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.splendidbeauty.com
  • Location: 530 A St Hayward, CA 94541
  • Contact: (510) 886-8285
  • Reviews: 73(on google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

5. Destiny’s Hair Design

Destiny is a renowned salon that has beforehand worked with premiere industry photographers, different producers, models, etc. For the 8th time in 2017, destiny has become an official stylist to the fabulous raiderettes. Destiny’s Hair Design is there for you at weddings or special events!

In 2009 destiny was established, which gives luxury services at affordable prices. Destiny Monet has more than 10 years of professional experience and keeps herself educated with the latest techniques.

Why choose Destiny’s Hair Design:

  • Staff participates in classes and shows knowledge gathering to value their customers.
  • Customer experience is prioritized for which high-quality wigs and extensions are provided.
  • Full highlights, custom styling, and different treatments are one of their specialized services.
  • Makeovers for weddings, photo shoots, and special events are offered by Destiny glam squad.
  • At the best prices, they sell exclusive products which will be a game changer for you.

Destiny’s Hair Design Contact Details:

  • Website: hairbydestiny.com
  • Location: 22546 2nd St Destiny Monet Salon & Spa Hayward, CA 94541
  • Contact: (510) 798-2296
  • Reviews: 59(on yelp)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

6. Scissors n’ soul hair salon

Scissors n’ soul hair salon is the 6th one on our list, which was established by Denicia in 2010. Danica believes in the thought that a professional hairdresser’s learning period never stops.

A dream has been turned into a career, and for it, Denicia has been constantly hard working. Her values in taking serious consultation and continuing education have helped her to bring premium products, services, and styles to the clients.

Why choose Scissors n’ soul hair salon:

  • Custom wigs with natural styles by organic products are made.
  • A wedding party package is offered by them along with their other services.
  • They deal with every kind of hair, such as African-American hair, Curly hair, and Kids’ hair.
  • The salon cancellation policy is quite more flexible than any other salon.

Scissors n’ soul hair salon Contact Details:

7. Rachel Grace Salon

Ending our review with a five-star rated salon in California which was established just only a few years ago but has reserved a good position in the city. Rachel Grace, a brand new stylist, opened the salon with a vision of having her salon where vision is turned into reality.

All the staff is talented and passionate about their work, making them a top-rated salon.

Why choose Rachel Grace Salon:

  • All team members communicate with their clients and suggest what’ll be best for their hair.
  • The salon’s ambiance is vibrant, delightful, and soothing, too, making it perfect for relaxation.
  • Product suggestions according to hair are given, which keeps the hair healthy.
  • A full body waxing with hair-related services are their offered services.

Rachel Grace Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.rachelgracesalon.com
  • Location: 3300 E Castro Valley Blvd Ste E Castro Valley, CA 94552
  • Contact: (510) 274-5217
  • Reviews: 213(on yelp)
  • Ratings: 5/5


That’s it! After evaluating the best salon available on the market, we’re summing everything up from our side. You will be able to make a sensible choice if you know all the specifics about each salon and its advantages and disadvantages.

We hope this simplifies the process for you to selecting a salon. We hope that by aiding you, your back discomfort has been minimized.

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