7 Best Hair Salons in Hesperia CA

Looking for a hair salon in Hesperia, CA?

Well, your hunting game has come to an end as you’ve come to the right place. Maintaining your hair becomes tiring when it’s all frizzy and damaged. We understand how much a haircut or a treatment matter, whether male or female.

Hence, why not look for special care for which your hair has been craving for so long? Thus, to give you the premium service and the best output, we’ve jotted down numbers of 7 Best Hair salons in Hesperia, CA.

7 Best Hair Salons in Hesperia CA

1. Hair And Nail Republic Beauty Salon

If you’ve experienced crappy nail art & boring haircuts, Hair And Nail Republic Beauty Salon
can be your fixer. Hair And Nail Republic Beauty Salon is owned by Leila Durant, an educator and licensed nail artist.

The team started its journey in 2018. Now it comprises hairstylists who have years of experience, plus our licensed nail and hair stylists. The experience of the stylist has become their essence.

Why Choose Hair And Nail Republic Beauty Salon:

  • The hair and nail republic beauty salon staff is extraordinary and keeps them updated with current trends and techniques.
  • The owner teaches the latest nail art to different licensed techs all over the county.
  • They have an energetic crew who welcomes the customer with positive, welcoming behavior.
  • Their specialty is not confined to nail arts; it includes haircuts, extensions, and all types of skin care you possibly need.
  • They have a wide range of exclusive retail products along with their different nail artistry products.

Hair And Nail Republic Beauty Salon by Leila Durant Contact Details:

  • Website: hairextensionshesperia.com
  • Location: 17003 Bear Valley Rd, Hesperia, CA 92345, United States
  • Contact: (760) 235-4402
  • Reviews: 63
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

2. Hill Top salon

Mary, a licensed cosmetologist, became the owner of the Hilltop hair salon, situated in the core of Hesperia, California. A woman-owned business has gained expertise due to being in the business for a couple of years.

What makes it eye-catching is their way of choosing professional hair care products which belong to top-class brands like Redken, Kenra, Matrix, etc. Moreover, Hilltop salon is a full-service salon that ensures almost every kind of service for all your family members.

Why choose Hill Top salon:

  • Offers haircuts for men, women, and kids, hair blowouts, eyelash extensions, the application of makeup on your special day, and many other types of services.
  • Hilltop hair salon ensures that your whole family can get their hair cut from here.
  • Executing premier hair products for your hair care like products from Suavesito, Joico, Redken, etc.
  • From highlights, balayage, and ombre, they provide servicing to apply a full head hair color service.
  • Besides their hair care services, they offer ear piercing servicing too.

Hill Top salon by Mary Contact Details:

3. Market Hair Salon

Amidst Hesperia’s overpriced hair salons, the Market hair salon gives the relief Hesperia people need. Market Hair Salon was established by Sarah, the owner, who started her journey after prolonged practice.

Market hair salon provides the best haircuts as it comprises highly professional top stylists and assistants. Their staff believes in bringing creativity and skill at a go.

Why Market Hair Salon:

  • A salon whose primary aim is to bring satisfaction and the latest trends for their clients on a table.
  • Their stylists are versatile and can take care of every kind of customer as they believe in getting themselves educated and keeping themselves updated on the upcoming trends.
  • Offers balayage, blonde, haircuts, Brazilian blowout, solid color, etc. as their services.
  • Keeps the service quality top-notch through their top-level stylists plus the pricing is convenient.
  • Bringing kids is not appreciated as they believe it might create a concentration break.

Market Hair Salon by Sarah Contact Details:

  • Website: markethairsalon.com
  • Contact: 760.987.0633
  • Reviews: 5[on Yelp]
  • Ratings: 5/5

4. Hair by Lanese

Hair by Lanese is not just a random salon or barber outlet; it’s a salon whose owner started her journey 26 years ago as a professional braider. She is none other than Shandanette, aka Lanese, a licensed hairstylist, reflects in her services.

Besides being a master braider, she has been able to gear up herself into every kind of extension that too even 15 years ago! The independent stylist salon comprises versatile sale beauty products too.

Why choose Hair by Lanese:

  • A black woman owned a salon that accepts only credit cards.
  • Provides services to different types of hair, be it African-American, Asian, or Curly hair.
  • The owner besides other hair services ensures extensions, box braids, date braid services, etc.
  • Every team member is exclusively talented and warm.
  • Their product range is quite exclusive their prices are quite budget friendly.

Hair by Lanese Contact Details:

  • Website: crownbeautystore.com
  • Location: 16153 Main St Hesperia, CA 92345
  • Contact: (323) 483-2403
  • Reviews: 42 [on Yelp]
  • Ratings: 5/5

5. Hair Junkies Salon

Though the name might seem funky, Hair Junkies is more than a salon. In October 2002, Dionne Marie Pedroza and her best friend and manager opened it. They started from scratch after having 3 outlets. Now their only location has 12 extremely talented stylists.

Hair Junkies believe in bringing their staff’s creativity through the newest art and fashion of hair. Their goal is to ensure premium-level customer services in a mild and truly unique way.

Why choose Hair Junkies:

  • Hair Junkies believes in providing the desired look to be certain even after leaving the salon.
  • Everyday in-salon education lesson is taught so that they can ensure the trending haircuts.
  • The environment is vibrant as it comprises various bright colors and artworks of the owner’s sister.
  • Your whole family can enjoy haircuts from them along with a personal consultation, which allows you to revive your fashion.
  • Offers diverse services like balayage, ombre, extensions, and treatments like deep conditioning, keratin, etc.

Hair Junkies Salon by Dionnes Contact Details:

6. Barber Kingz

After being victims of being underestimated by the industry, two friends decided to come up with their salon, Barber Kingz. They started their journey in 2018 through Barber Kingz salon after gathering knowledge through learning and practicing as a hairstylist.

The salon is brought to light in Hesperia city and the crowded location of California. Two friends believe they can make a remarkable contribution to the state through their work. Their professional work squad motto is it’s better to move where peace is.

Why choose Barber Kingz:

  • Two friends owned and maintained a business that has been in the business for more than 5 years.
  • The salon gives exquisitely classic straight razor shaves, haircuts, neck trim, hot leather shaves, etc.
  • The owners of this salon are quite renowned among the neighbors for their excellent specialization in hair cutting.
  • QT salon ensures a welcoming, friendly, amicability environment.

Barber Kingz by Shabar & Dave Contact Details:

  • Website: barber-kingz.business.site
  • Location: 16330 Walnut St Unit 6 Hesperia, CA 92345
  • Contact: (760) 998-2799
  • Reviews: 136
  • Ratings: 4.8/5

7. Hair by Sunnie

The owner of hair by Sunnie has adopted various skills and has mastered hair for 15 years. She has a couple of expertise that depict her professionalism, resulting in the creation of Hair by Sunnie in Hesperia, California. Besides her expertise, she has a great personality too.

She comes out as a rescuer for cancer patients who want to choose their wig. For them, she demonstrates various tutorials on choosing and taking care of their wigs.

Why choose Hair by Sunnie:

  • Provides designer haircuts for both men and women.
  • Includes options for highlighting the Goldwell color line with an outstanding color that has only 2% ammonia.
  • Their product choice is exclusive and has several varieties.
  • For frizzy hair, treatments like volume keratin and several other treatments for curly and wavy hair are on their menu.

Hair by Sunnie Contact Details:

  • Website: www.sunniesalon.com
  • Location: 13295 Spring Valley Pkwy Ste F Victorville, CA 92395
  • Contact: (619) 840-7487
  • Reviews: 27 [on Yelp]
  • Ratings: 5/5


Did you finally get your desired hair salon in Hesperia, CA? Hopefully, you’ve!

Well, if you’ve done your research, do not waste more time. Every hair needs special care as it goes with a lot every day. Give your hair the food it needs and get the desired outlook you’ve been looking for everywhere.

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