7 Best Hair Salons in Lake Forest CA

Yao women, “the ancient long hair village women” have long and shiny hair with a simple hair care routine. But we, the one who lives in the city, are regularly struggling with our hair-splitting, dry and dull hair.

Maybe because of the genetics they have, but what can we do to gain that? Well, trusting a professional for our hair care can be an ideal option. For which we’ve reviewed the 7 best hair salons in Lake forest, ca which are on your way.

7 Best Hair Salons in Lake Forest CA

1. Bishops Cuts/Color

Beginning with one of the renowned salons of Lake Forest, CA which is a non-binary barber shop that has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The journey started recently in 2019 by Lea who back of her mind always wanted to have her place.

Lea changed the entire concept that a haircut has to be very expensive. Other than that, out of context, one fun thing is that this salon is named after the founder’s dog.

Why choose Bishops Cuts/Color:

  • Walk-ins are welcome into this LGBTQ-friendly salon
  • A woman-operated salon where you can receive free consultations before your haircut.
  • Just a budget-friendly salon that gives you professionalism at a reasonable price.
  • Besides women’s services for men different services like hot lather shave etc offered.

Bishops Cuts/Color Contact Details:

  • Website: bishops.co/locations/lake-forest
  • Location: 21731 Lake Forest Dr. Ste 102 Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Contact: (949) 446-4994
  • Reviews: 135 (on yelp)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

2. Maia Bella Barber & Salon

A 5-star-rated salon started its journey just a few years ago in 2019. A combination of expertise where each member had a prolonged period of experience. Maia, the owner, believes in serving local communities with top-of-the-line care and attention.

An atmosphere of comfortness with a tremendously amazing haircut in one place is what Maia Bella Barber & Salon is!

Why choose Maia Bella Barber & Salon:

  • The salon has an experienced salon that ensures quality with creativity in services.
  • At a minimal cost without any damaging side effects, advice is provided.
  • Currently, they’re providing 10% off in barber special deluxe men’s haircuts.
  • The salon focuses on each customer’s unique personality and diverse priorities.

3. Salon Theory

A women-owned business that was established by Kenzy in 2018. Kenzy’s industry career is over 10 years, and she had an aim to have her place. That’s when Salon Theory happened which has a clean and comfortable space for the clients.

A cozy place of 6 chair salons makes Salon Theory just the right place for you. A reviewer here added that the hairstylist of Salon Theory doesn’t rip off your natural hair but rather adds more shine to it.

Why choose Salon Theory:

  • Stylists of Salon Theory focus on detail and remain patient with the client’s hair.
  • The services are not overpriced so they won’t break your bank!
  • A combination of the professional salon with a professional stylist, where you get a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
  • They use every product from R+Co, which smells amazing and works amazingly.

Salon Theory Contact Details:

  • Website: salon-theory.com
  • Location: 22691 Lambert St Ste 513 Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Contact: (949) 407-9950
  • Reviews: 38 (on yelp)
  • Ratings: 5/5

4. Rebel Femme Salon Podcast Shop

Rebel Femme Salon Podcast Shop is owned by a 20 years experienced stylist who is an educator, influencer, and podcaster too. Mirella Manelli worked as a lead stylist and is known as a stylist in top industry magazines.

After achieving so much she thought of creating a place where she can deliver online education and share her passion with others.

Why choose Rebel Femme Salon Podcast Shop:

  • Unique looks with a mix of creativity according individuality are their specialty.
  • On their service, bold colors, bonding, and extensions are included.
  • Exceptional customer service with an affordable range of services is their goal.
  • The fun part is you get 20% off as a new client and a free mini product as a gift.

Rebel Femme Salon Podcast Shop Contact Details:

  • Website: rebelfemme.com
  • Location: 25522 Jeronimo Rd Ste 1A Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Contact: (949) 767-2002
  • Reviews: 62 (on google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

5. OC Hair & Makeup

OC Hair & Makeup’s journey in the industry has turned to a decade now. Though it started its journey as a travel-based hair salon, now it’s a 4-star rated salon in the industry.

Stacy Merlin, the owner of it, won Ms.international back in 2013 after 2 years of OC hair and makeup. Like her expertise of being a stylist for 12 years, her other teammates have years of experience too, which makes it a strong team.

Why OC Hair and Makeup:

  • A hair salon that offers tanning, nails, and eyelash extensions too.
  • Plus they have services open for brides, too, like cutting or coloring hair or the look they want.
  • Not by guessing, but rather by knowledge and experience, the salon teammates treat your hair.
  • This salon doesn’t rip off your hair with bleach. Rather they color hair without it.

OC Hair & Makeup Contact Details:

  • Website: https://www.ochairandmakeup.com/
  • Location: 23600 Rockfield Blvd Suite 102 Lake Forest, CA 92640
  • Contact: (949) 326-7878
  • Reviews: 7 (on google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4/5

6. Lauren Frances Hair

If you want a professional colorist, then a northwest colorist of the year winner owner’s salon can be your ideal choice. Lauren who’s achieved a degree and implies her knowledge of geometry and art to create a cohesive look for clients.

An owner who is a winner of national hair design contests and many more. Other than the achievements of the owner of the salon, another staff member is top-rated too.

Why choose Lauren Frances Hair:

  • Intensify the natural lines of the face through a personalized color that will suit your skin tone.
  • Balayage, foliage, dark hair, wet hair cutting, etc. services are added to their normal ones.
  • With a signature of artistry, the salon focuses on creating unique, tailored services for clients.
  • Enjoy 5% off on davines products if you buy now.
  • Even after achieving so much the salon owner never compromises on customer service.

Lauren Frances Hair Contact Details:

  • Website: www.laurenfranceshair.com
  • Location: Lake Forest, CA 92630
  • Contact: (949) 424-5203
  • Reviews: 5 (on google reviews)
  • Ratings: 5/5

7. Hair Affair By Dianna

To shape beauty, fashion and style play a huge role, and to fashion & style, hair plays a big role. Diana, after realizing it, came to the beauty industry and became a Redken-trained and certified colorist. Both in hair color and color correction Diana has been a specialist for over 8 years.

Plus, she is a trained hair cutter who gives you the perfect haircut according to your unique head shape.

Why choose Hair Affair By Dianna:

  • A perfect hair flow with less hair maintenance can be achieved with this salon.
  • All natural hair and organic products are used for clients.
  • Gives a unique head shape haircut for every client
  • An appointment-only salon that accepts Apple pay and credit cards too.

Hair Affair By Dianna Contact Details:

  • Website: hairaffairbydiana.com
  • Location: 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy Ste 201, Studio 25 Mission Viejo, CA 92691
  • Contact: (949) 463-6239
  • Reviews: 5 (on yelp)
  • Ratings: 5/5


Long and shiny hair can be genetic but yet it needs extra care with our age escalating upwards. As collagen production reduces with age, it can slow down hair growth.

Keeping all this under consideration, we’ve taken the 7 best hair salons in Lake Forest, CA into consideration which will help you to maintain your hair healthy and shine with time. Celebrate good hair days!

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