7 Best Hair Salons in Monterey CA

Anyone can enjoy and be creative while doing their hair. Hair highlights the best features of ourselves as individuals and makes us feel good about ourselves. So, why not pamper your hair along with yourself?

For luxurious hair services that will give you the hairstyle you adore and redefine your image, we bring you a list of the 7 Best Hair Salons in Monterey CA that we can assure you will change your life.

7 Best Hair Salons in Monterey CA

1. Citizen Hair

The owner of Citizen Hair, Harmony Drew, has attended numerous courses, conferences, and seminars that have helped her develop into the artist she is now. Compared to when she first started, her career has undergone a significant evolution.

She excels in dealing with natural colors that are gentle and complements natural hair. Additionally, she focuses on hair development patterns and urges her clientele to stop asking for what their hair wants.

Citizen Hair strives to achieve harmony so that your appearance turns out to be the best without having to struggle. Five years ago, Harmony Drew established Citizen Hair with the intention of excelling at hairstyles, and now her goal is being accomplished.

Why Choose Citizen Hair:

  • A group of creative and passionate hair artists makes up Citizen Hair.
  • The salon aims to make the world more elegant and fashionable.
  • Creates beauty through hairstyles and hair colors as a group in a unique light.
  • They guarantee that your hair color will blend naturally into your lifestyle while also allowing your haircuts to develop and change.

Citizen Hair Contact Details:

  • Website: https://www.citizenhair.com/
  • Location: 300 Foam St b, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 747-1135
  • Reviews: 25 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

2. Pacific Hair Studio- Hair by Amy Paz

The owner and hair stylist of Pacific Hair Studio, Amy Paz, has over nineteen years of experience in the beauty industry.

She never stops challenging herself to be the greatest hairdresser she could become. She notes that the beauty industry is constantly evolving and switching styles and trends. Amy keeps up with her education by taking courses in hair color, styles, and recent patterns.

Amy Paz’s enthusiasm for beauty and grooming has expanded. She wants to be a good listener, assist her customers in developing a vision, and then strive to make that vision a reality.

Why Choose Pacific Hair Studio- Hair by Amy Paz:

  • They offer high-quality services and are quite competent.
  • When providing advice, their stylists genuinely pay attention to the demands and wants of their clientele.
  • Your hair will feel nourished and luscious after visiting their specialists.
  • Their main objective is to make their customers happy.

Pacific Hair Studio- Hair by Amy Paz Contact Details:

  • Website: www.montereybayhairstylist.com
  • Location: Suite #10, 362 Pacific St, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 644-9294
  • Reviews: 38 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 5/5

3. Euphoria Salon and Spa

Euphoria Salon + Spa wants you to feel at home the first time you step into their establishment. The mission at Euphoria, where a group of skin and hair specialists resides, is to ensure you feel more relaxed and confident than you arrived. They want you to become your genuine self by helping you bring out your inner traits.

Euphoria Salon + Spa celebrates its stylists in the same way they Appreciate their Customers. They firmly believe in each expert’s capabilities and guarantee that your encounter with them will start with ease and respect.

Why Choose Euphoria Salon and Spa:

  • They guarantee to provide expert services for the skin and hair.
  • Use clean, high-end hair and skin care supplies and deliver great quality work.
  • Maintaining their commitment to producing less waste to the greatest extent inside their salon is extremely important to them.
  • Euphoria Salon + Spa carefully handpicks each commodity they sell and takes great delight in them.

Euphoria Salon and Spa Contact Details:

  • Website: www.euphoriamonterey.com
  • Location: 499 Pacific St, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 717-4375
  • Reviews: 24 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

4. Alchemy Salon

A luxurious hair salon called Alchemy Salon at the Plaza opened its doors in August of 2019. Brandi Macrina has worked in the beauty business since 1996 and also has around 17 years of experience as a professional hairstylist.

She has dedicated her entire professional life to achieving her goal of owning a salon in Monterey, California. She has always loved modern education and frequently participates in additional training to remain updated.

Brandi eventually became a salon owner after decades of commitment and determination in numerous upscale salons. She has worked as a stylist’s assistant for famous hairdressers and has had a successful solo career.

Why Choose Alchemy Salon:

  • They focus on innovation and try to improve to keep up with the newest trends and deliver high-quality hair and beauty treatments.
  • Performs spray tans, brow laminating, and other services.
  • Provides both locals and visitors with a variety of beauty treatments.
  • They have a group of outstanding stylists that are always learning new things.

Alchemy Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.alchemysalonattheplaza.com
  • Location: 381 Cannery Row suite k, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 717-4319
  • Reviews: 24 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

5. Shear Addiction Barbershop & Hair Studio

Shear Addiction is reviving the retro atmosphere with a slick, modern appearance and design. You are a high-end hair salon and studio that caters to your individual demands and aesthetics. They are situated in the center of the historic center of Monterey, California.

The founder and chief hairdresser and stylist of Shear Addiction are Bea. Bea offers top-notch hair-cutting experiences. She is here to serve individuals who prefer a distinctive barbering style that is specially tailored to each client.

Why Choose Shear Addiction Barbershop & Hair Studio:

  • You can count on receiving the best cuts, amiable service, and individualized attention.
  • Comprises skilled barbers who only work with the best products.
  • Offers top-notch services for haircuts and hairstyles.
  • They are dedicated to enhancing the beauty, sophistication, and confidence of both men and women.

Shear Addiction Barbershop & Hair Studio Contact Details:

6. Cielo Hair Studio

When Raquel Sumpter and Rosalina Meza started Cielo Hair Salon in 2010, they put a lot of effort into growing it into the well-known organization it is today. They have a loyal clientele that ranks them among the best hair salons in the Monterey, California, region mainly due to their integrity, expertise, and quality of service.

Since 2003, Raquel has worked as a hairdresser. She learned she was passionate about everything hair color related while attending Monterey Bay Beauty College. After completing her degree, she explored her newfound passion in San Francisco under Redken after taking an intensive course there.

Rosalina also began working as a hairdresser in 2004. Rosie thinks any stylist’s creativity and long-term success depend on their training. As a result, she continues her training and keeps up with the most recent fashions.

Why Choose Cielo Hair Studio:

  • Raquel enjoys delivering Keratin treatments and creating bridal hairstyles.
  • Both Raquel and Rosalina take great delight in cutting styles that complement your distinctive appearance and way of life.
  • Rosalina carefully listens to her client’s needs to ascertain exactly what they want, then diligently tries to make those goals come true.
  • They put a lot of effort into making your time at Cielo Hair Studio enjoyable and comfortable overall.

Cielo Hair Studio Contact Details:

  • Website: www.cielohairstudio.com
  • Location: 780 Munras Ave, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 324-4677
  • Reviews: 14 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 5/5

7. GG’s Spa and Salon

The spa and salon at GG’s offer full service, which means they will take care of your needs. Their lounge area is made to make you feel at ease as soon as you step inside their salon. Every aspect of GG’s Spa and Salon promises a unique experience, from the reception area to their various multi-purpose rooms.

GG’s Spa and Salon will ensure you receive the greatest treatment possible while indulging to the maximum. They also promise life-changing experiences from any services you choose and assure you that no treatments will be rushed.

Why Choose GG’s Spa and Salon:

  • They only ever employ natural, odorless products.
  • To fit your hectic lifestyle, they accept online appointments.
  • From hair services to massages and facials, they have everything.
  • They prioritize a peaceful and calming session for each and every one of their clients.

GG’s Spa and Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.montereyggsspasalon.com
  • Location: 397 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Contact: (831) 372-0888
  • Reviews: 60 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.1/5

Final Words

While doing their hair, anyone can be creative in various forms and express themselves imaginatively. Hair draws attention to the positive aspects of who we are as people and boosts our self-esteem.

As a result, to feel and look a certain way that your heart desires, we have come up with the seven best Hair Salons in Monterey CA that we can assure will give you the results you are seeking!

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