7 Best Hair Salons in Oceanside, CA

Having confidence comes from accepting one’s hair for what it is. Our hair should be embraced by us with open arms as it is distinctive as we are. This has the remarkable power to have a good impact on those nearby as well.

However, sometimes accepting our hair for what it is is not everything. Sometimes it requires the need for outside help. Knowing how hard it is to find the right place which will treat your hair with love and care it needs, we bring you a list of the seven best Hair Salons in Oceanside, CA.

7 Best Hair Salons in Oceanside, CA

1. Loft 9 14 Hair Lounge

The hairdressers at Loft 9.14 strives to achieve chic and sophisticated seamless haircolor and haircuts every time. Through the use of convenient online booking systems and digital consultations, they work to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Loft 9 14 Hair Lounge’s primary objective is to leave every client satisfied. They enjoy hosting new visitors and view their regular clients as members of their salon community.

Why Choose Loft 9 14 Hair Lounge:

  • They comprise owners of Independent Businesses.
  • Tries their utmost to accommodate your preferred style.
  • Provides a wide range of customizable service options.
  • Offers unique haircuts and hairstyles that are tailored to your face structure and hair type.

Loft 9 14 Hair Lounge Contact Details:

  • Website: www.loft914salon.com
  • Location: 4645 Frazee Rd suite c, Oceanside, CA 92057
  • Contact: (760) 453-7046
  • Reviews: 41 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.8/5


The CITIZEN salon’s owners, Lucas, Lauren, and Clinton, joined forces in 2020 as acquaintances and later as business associates to advance the CITIZEN name in Oceanside, California. Each person has over 15 years of expertise in the cosmetics and fashion.

The owners have worked as chief stylists and trainers at salons and cosmetology institutions throughout the nation. The CITIZEN company and its purpose comprise the diversification and individuality of skills and interests.


  • Genuine concern for every customer who comes to their salon.
  • Their stylists hope to enhance their client’s experience by providing a tailored, one-on-one encounter.
  • Believes in creating a space where people can be themselves and be authentic.
  • Their goal is to see their customers leave their salon feeling competent and capable.

CITIZEN SALON Contact Details:

  • Website: www.saloncitizen.com
  • Location: 1319 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Contact: Not available
  • Reviews: 41 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 5/5

3. The Hair Parlour

In Oceanside, The Hair Parlour Salon opened its doors in 2014. They think their particular brand of services is now more essential than ever in the beauty industry. The foundation of this salon is its clientele. They are dedicated to being attentive and flexible to you, gaining your trust, and consistently providing exceptional service.

Collaborating as a team with customers inspires the Hair Palour personnel’s most original thoughts and helps them create the ideal look for you. They have more chances to pay attention, reflect, and grow as a result.

Why Choose The Hair Parlour:

  • Works diligently and dependably to produce fabulous hair.
  • They cater to the specific requirements of each client.
  • The Hair Parlour prides itself on being inclusive to all people.
  • Their stylists have years of industry knowledge.

The Hair Parlour Contact Details:

  • Website: thehairparlour.net
  • Location: 107 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Contact: (760) 529-5947
  • Reviews: 189 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.8/5

4. Lotus Den Hair Studio

Owner and chief hairdresser of Lotus Den Hair Studio, Bethany Catalfamo, has been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for almost 20 years. She thinks it is crucial for this profession to be nuanced so that every person may exhibit their genuine selves, regardless of their hair texture or color. Her aim as a hairdresser for over fifteen years was always to ensure that each customer feels appreciated, nurtured, and delighted with their final product.

At Lotus Den, their entire personnel works together on this. In addition, Bethany strongly emphasizes giving her artists the guidance and education they need to develop their own stylistic creativity.

Why Choose Lotus Den Hair Studio:

  • No matter the situation, their staff is capable of giving you a trendy makeover.
  • They are eager to assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • Its mission is to remain current and be knowledgeable about upcoming trends in addition to perfecting the traditional hairstyles.
  • They enjoy showing their customers several methods for doing their own hairstyling with the proper tools and methods.

Lotus Den Hair Studio Contact Details:

  • Website: www.lotusdenhairstudio.com
  • Location: 1743 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Contact: (760) 433-6655
  • Reviews: 43 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

5. Cuts & Waves Beauty Salon

An independent, family-run, and salon full-service Cuts & Waves Beauty Salon has been open for business for over 25 years. They offer excellent services for all- men, women, and children at reasonable rates.

Additionally, their personnel is ever so welcoming and courteous, and helpful. They specialize in eyelash and hair extensions in addition to haircuts, chemical procedures, waxing, and hair coloring treatments.

Why Choose Cuts & Waves Beauty Salon:

  • Excellent services at a reasonable cost.
  • Takes on appointments at the last minute.
  • Pays genuine attention to detail when addressing the needs of their clients.
  • For effective communication, they like communicating with their clientele.

Cuts & Waves Beauty Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: cutsandwaves.wordpress.com
  • Location: 1015 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Contact: (760) 390-9473
  • Reviews: 67 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

6. Hair By Jessica Woods

Hair By Jessica Woods was founded and is owned by Jessica. With over 20 years of experience, she is a dedicated hairstylist. She is continuously motivated, enthusiastic about her work, and willing to engage in lively conversation.

As a hairstylist, Jessica empowers and fosters confidence in her customers. She enjoys inspiring others to innovate and be better people.

Why Choose Hair By Jessica Woods:

  • Provides her stunning guests with unique color and styling.
  • Knowledgeable about managing people’s various hair kinds, including their distinct hair color and type.
  • She takes great pride in providing her clients with her all-out effort and dedication as a stylist.
  • Consistently maintain a cheerful disposition, a serene environment, and a commitment to provide you with the best service possible.

Hair By Jessica Woods Contact Details:

  • Website: www.hairbyjessicawoods.com
  • Location: 4192 Oceanside Blvd Exhibit Hall, Oceanside, CA 92056
  • Contact: Not avalaible
  • Reviews: 35 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

7. Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique

Among the best hair salons in Oceanside, CA, exists Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique, bringing you the best services that a hair salon can offer. Every customer who leaves Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique may see that they are passionate about hair. Their specialists stay current on the newest haircut, hair coloring treatments, and styling methods through continuing education to give you the appearance you prefer.

Additionally, the specialists at Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique collaborate to create a strategy if you have a specific look in mind but are unsure about how to accomplish it.

Why Choose Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique:

  • Their professionals are capable of blending practically everything, from natural-looking colors to vibrant tones.
  • You’ll leave the salon with healthy, vivid hair and a strategy for maintaining it in between appointments.
  • Between sessions, they provide a free clean-up haircut.
  • They give sound guidance on how to maintain healthy hair.

Glamour Lounge Hair Boutique Contact Details:

  • Website: https://glamourlounge.biz/
  • Location: 2213 S El Camino Real #A Suite 113, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Contact: (760) 458-3393
  • Reviews: 25 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 5/5

Final Words

With a haircut, you can revitalize your hair or completely reinvent yourself. Never underestimate the power of a new and fresh haircut.

So, indulge yourself in a day full of pampering from our list of the seven best Hair Salons in Oceanside, CA, and feel brand new! Here’s to feeling like yourself again!

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