7 Best Hair Salons in Stockton CA

What is a good hair day, you may ask? Being self-explanatory within itself, it is a day where one of your most priceless possessions is looking good, unlike any other day. We could use some confidence boost and a positive mindset on any given day.

What might provide that, you may ask? A straightforward answer is that when your hair looks and feels great, you feel great right away as well.

In order to make the process more feasible and easier for you, we bring you a list of the seven best Hair Salons in Stockton, Ca, that we hope will change your life and you, more importantly.

7 Best Hair Salons in Stockton CA


The objective of UNIQO is to transform the scenario of Stockton’s lovely Downtown. UNIQO is a location and a secure environment within which you will feel right at home and at ease. Additionally, you can count on having a remarkable self-care moment. They encourage individualism and uniqueness while celebrating inclusivity.

UNIQO’s facility encourages the skill and originality of its gifted hair stylists. They actively support and strengthen the cosmetology industry by providing training and advanced education.

Why Choose UNIQO:

  • They are skilled, friendly, and professional.
  • UNIQO sells hair products for curly hair.
  • Treatment options for hair loss are available.
  • They offer professional organic hair care that is toxic-free.

HAIR SALON- UNIQO Contact Details:

  • Website: www.uniqosalon.com
  • Location: 36 N California St, Stockton, CA 95202
  • Contact: (209) 242-2249
  • Reviews: 92 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

2. The Spa At Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure is a comprehensive hair and beauty salon and day spa with a rich history in Stockton. They have been serving the Stockton area for more than 30 years. They pride themselves on giving their clients an outstanding experience as a family-run salon.

Southern exposure’s aim is to ensure that your aspirations are not only fulfilled but also surpassed, from setting up your session to accomplishing your ideal results.

Why Choose The Spa At Southern Exposure:

  • Gives customers a luxurious salon experience.
  • Southern Exposure will make every effort to match you with a qualified stylist.
  • They sell gift cards that are dealt with by their individual stylists.
  • Southern Exposure also offers an excellent boutique inside the salon with one-of-a-kind products for all occasions.

The Spa At Southern Exposure Contact Details:

  • Website: www.thespase.com
  • Location: 2323 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204
  • Contact: (209) 946-4247
  • Reviews: 70 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.8/5

3. JEM Beauty Supply & Salon

JEM Beauty Supply & Salon offers to meet all of your haircare goals. They have it all, whether you’ve been seeking expert hairdressing services or haircuts to enhance your natural features and increase your self-esteem.

They take great satisfaction in being one of the most outstanding hairdressers in the Stockton, California, region.

JEM Beauty Supply & Salon is a great place to unwind after a hectic day at the office while getting pampered and getting your hair done.

Why Choose JEM Beauty Supply & Salon:

  • Their hair specialists are accustomed to dealing with African hair types and hairdos.
  • They provide a variety of options, from hair and beauty treatments to trendy hair extensions.
  • You can take a break and unwind for a while in their relaxing and soothing hair salon.
  • JEM Beauty Supply & Salon specializes in many different braiding techniques.

JEM Beauty Supply & Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.hairsalonstockton.com
  • Location: 3008 E Hammer Ln, Stockton, CA 95212
  • Contact: (209) 639-7711
  • Reviews: 43 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

4. Tocco Divino Salon

Nestled just on Miracle Mile, Tocco Divino Salon is the brand new hair and beauty salon in Stockton, Ca. They are a comprehensive hair salon that offers both waxing and pedicures and manicures services.

Tocco Divino, which translates to divine touch in English. It refers to the attention that Tocco Divino delivers to its customers with a full guarantee. They adhere to the philosophy of putting the consumer first by offering them the respect they are due.

Why Choose Tocco Divino Salon:

  • Tocco Divino Salon provides specially crafted haircuts that are created by their experts to suit your unique tastes and style.
  • Offers highlighting services to give hair a contrasted and brightened appearance.
  • Additionally, they offer unique makeovers and skin rejuvenating treatments.
  • Tocco Divino Salon also provides waxing and nail care treatments.

Tocco Divino Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.toccodivino.com
  • Location: 2626 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204
  • Contact: (209) 470-4821
  • Reviews: 27 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

5. Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa

The team at Styles Unlimited Salon and Spamainly is primarily composed of skilled experts who view and treat their work like artwork. They have the strongest team comprising the right talent and dedication in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa provide the latest and advanced treatments for body and face along with great hair colouring treatments and haircuts.

Why Choose Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa:

  • Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa offer excellent styling, haircutting, and pedicure treatments.
  • Their stylists are incredibly accommodating and polite.
  • The stylists indulge in their clients and pay great attention to their demands.
  • Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa values quality above quantity and are very professional.

Styles Unlimited Salon and Spa Contact Details:

  • Website: www.stylesunlimited.net
  • Location: 8807 Thornton Rd, Stockton, CA 95209
  • Contact: (209) 951-0777
  • Reviews: 29 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.3/5

6. Salon De Bellezza

Being a full-service salon, both men and women can get their hair and beauty done at Salon De Bellezza Health and Beauty salon in Stockton, Ca. It has excellent customer service, environment-friendly products, and is independently owned. They firmly adhere to incorporating natural and sustainable beauty products in their services.

The Salon De Bellezza Health and Beauty salon in Stockton offers everyone the chance to refresh themselves with a range of soothing holistic salon and spa services.

Why Choose Salon De Bellezza:

  • They provide a selection of rapid, painless hair removal services.
  • To meet your individual style requirements, this salon offers unique haircuts and hair coloring treatment options.
  • Salon De Bellezza has a range of beauty products to choose from in their salon.
  • Their salon welcomes walk-in clients.

Salon De Bellezza Contact Details:

  • Website: www.salondebellezza.com
  • Location: 5940 C, Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207
  • Contact: (209) 644-8111
  • Reviews: 112 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4/5

7. CP Beauty & Barber Salon

A family-owned business and additionally operated by black women, CP Beauty and Barber Salon is a hair and beauty salon in Stockton, Ca. Sha’Va Porter, the founder and director of the salon, is a part owner along with her lovely children, Marie Kenoly and Shebria Thomas.

Sha’Va Porter began her profession in 2001 as a Braider at Braid It Up Salon in San Jose, California, where she worked as a stylist for over 16 years. She has spent the last 20 years working as a braiding specialist in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Why Choose CP Beauty & Barber Salon:

  • They offer a range of luxury hair care treatments, including professional barber cuts, various types of braid styles, etc.
  • They offer services to all ethnic hair types and provide various hairstyles and products to suit them.
  • They value every single one of the customers they serve on a regular basis.
  • CP Beauty & Barber Salon has excellent stylists and an even more wonderful atmosphere.

CP Beauty & Barber Salon Contact Details:

  • Website: www.cpbeautysalon.com
  • Location: 1061 E March Ln Suite G, Stockton, CA 95210
  • Contact: (209) 425-1358
  • Reviews: 59 (on Google reviews)
  • Ratings: 4.5/5

Final Words

A happy attitude is boosted by having fantastic hair; that goes without saying. But how do you achieve the so-called fantastic hair?
To help you achieve the hair of your dreams, we present you with a list of the top seven Hair Salons in Stockton, Ca, that most definitely leave you smiling and on top of the world!

So sit back and get ready to be pampered!

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