7 Best MAC Mehr Dupes

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I am pretty sure that you can tell what today’s article is about. I am way too excited to write about the dupes myself!

MAC Mehr is one of my most worn lipstick shades by the brand besides Velvet Teddy and Taupe. Here, let me get you in on a little secret. MAC Mehr, when lined with a dark nude lip liner, is a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick!

Anyway, today is about MAC Mehr dupes so let us just focus on them. After trying things on myself, I have selected the 7 best MAC Mehr dupes! Each MAC Mehr dupe mentioned here is very close to the original Mehr lipstick shade.

So without further ado, let us jump in right into the dupes! Hold tight for you are in for a ride!

7 Best MAC Mehr Dupes


  • Shade: Whipped Caviar
  • Finish & Benefits: Satin Matte Finish; Rich Texture

The first in this list is actually one of the first Mehr dupes I discovered. Back in 2017, while I was diving more into NYX Cosmetics, I came around this. It is claimed to be a muted plum but it is actually a rosy toned lipstick shade.

Unlike the MAC Matte finish, this one is much silkier, but not slippery. The satin finish is nearly matte enough to be a close dupe to MAC’s matte formula.

NYX Cosmetics does cook up amazing makeup dupes. I do not know if it was a happy accident but this is the closest drugstore dupe for MAC Mehr I could find!

02# Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Color by Kate Matte Collection

  • Shade: 104
  • Finish & Benefits: Satin Matte Finish; The Formula is Long-Wearing

A sworn dupe for MAC Mehr!

Rimmel has this hydrating, creamy formula that applies more matte than you would imagine. It is not close to the MAC retro matte formula. But Mehr’s silky, soft matte formula is well resembled by this lipstick!

This is an affordable dupe to MAC Mehr, not solely for the formula. I, along with hundreds of other people have been stunned by its similarity to the MAC shade. This is a MAC dupe because it is really close to the rosy, mauve-y shade of Mehr.

On top of that, for such a creamy formula, the lipstick is surprisingly long-wearing. I am on my second one as we speak and you bet I will repurchase as soon as this one is finished!

03# Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix

  • Shade: Cami
  • Finish & Benefits: Matte Finish; Has Good Coverage

For a matte lip, Colourpop is one of my favorites. And the Lippie Stix is one of the popular lipstick formulas!

I do enjoy MAC’s retro matte formula more because the just matte formula feels a little too sheer. But I do enjoy the silky smoothness of the matte formula.

On that note, this cool rose with a mauve base shade by Colourpop steals the show as a MAC dupe! As a MAC Mehr lipstick dupe, this shade, Cami just matches in so many levels. This is just slightly more matte, but a great dupe nonetheless.

If you enjoy the formula, do check out the alternative shades!

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04# Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

  • Shade: Almond Rose
  • Finish & Benefits: Silky Matte Finish; Hydrating

On a medium skin tone, MAC Mehr can have a wash out effect. This is why people look for alternative shades that are nearly the same without the wash out effect.

In case you have faced the same challenge, you are not alone. Mehr does have that effect on me sometimes in summer. But I have the solution to that- this Maybelline lipstick in Almond Rose is the perfect shade!

This shade in particular does not have the mauve-y undertone like MAC Mehr. Instead, this pulls a little more pink that looks stunning on Indian skin tone. It is a tad sheer that has a more pulled-together look.

I love this for my everyday wear with some blush and mascara! Such a gorgeous shade!

05# L’Oreal Paris Makeup Colour Riche Original Satin Lipstick

  • Shade: Nature’s Blush
  • Finish & Benefits: Satin Finish; Hydrating & Luxurious Texture

Another gorgeous shade that will surely replace MAC Mehr for you as an affordable dupe!

This has a lovely hydrating texture close to a lip balm. But this feels more luxurious than a lip balm would. So why and how is it a dupe to a MAC nude lipstick that is as popular as Mehr?

The reason is that this lipstick is a very natural, nude pink. You can see that it truly justifies the shade name. This is a great dupe for people with a medium skin tone, or a bit one the Indian skin tone spectrum.

It pulls the right balance of nude shade and pink to deliver a rosy sheen, minus the mauve. Does it sound like something you would like? Because it is!

06# Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

  • Shade: Hazelnut Hypnotize
  • Finish & Benefits: Matte Finish; Long-Wearing

If you are familiar with the Wet n Wild Give me Mocha, this shade also has that nude warmth. But added to that, the soft rosy tone balances the pink without shifting entirely to mauve. This to me, also feels like a MAC Whirl dupe.

Similar to MAC Mehr, this looks stunning due to its versatility. With different lip liners, it is a different lipstick. However, I must mention that the formula is very matte, which is why this is so longwearing.

If you are not a fan of matte lipsticks, maybe skip on this one.


  • Shade: Shanghai
  • Finish & Benefits: Soft Matte Finish; Lightweight

Last on my list today is this lipstick by NYX Cosmetics. We all love the lip cream by NYX because of the comfortable and soft matte finish. It is so lightweight and smells divine!

The shades available are also all extremely beautiful. This particular shade is something I tried last year. I could instantly see that it was a dupe for MAC Mehr lipstick. So, as a MAC Mehr Lipstick dupe, this is a great option in my opinion.

Are you interested in trying this MAC Mehr NYX dupe?


I am sure you have found the best MAC Mehr dupes here. It is a bit tricky to find a MAC Mehr lipstick dupe because the right balance of rose and mauve is hard to find. But the 7 I have suggested should fit the needs!

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