7 Mac Velvet Teddy Dupes & Swatch Comparisons

Last day my best friend and I were preparing for going out. She needed a nude lip shade that would go with her outfit. Alongside having a ton of bare shades, I gave her the Mac velvet teddy.

Indeed, this is my most loved nude shade of all time. This one is going with nearly all that I wear. My best friend believes that I have a fair knowledge of lip shades. She asked what other lip conceals I do in nudes, such as mac Velvet teddy.

Thus, in this article, we will talk about around seven best Mac velvet Teddy dupes cause I know you have a similar inquiry like my friend.

So, with no further due, let us get to the dupes.

7 Mac Velvet Teddy Dupes

01# Maybelline Seductress

  • Shade: Seductress
  • Finish and benefits: Liquid Matte finish, Easy to apply

Maybelline Seductress is indeed the best-selling liquid matte LipstickLipstick in the Maybelline collection.

This is a very pigmented liquid lipstick with a long-wearing, transfer-free texture and perhaps a gorgeous smooth surface. The lip color has a compass applicator for a more accurate liquid lipstick formulation with a beautiful finishing touch that lasts up to 16 hours.

This color is a dupe for Mac Velvet Teddy, except it’s less expensive. If you want to feel the Mac velvet teddy but don’t want to blow the budget, this is the one to go with.

02# Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick (90’s Brown)

  • Shade: 90’s Brown
  • Finish and benefits: Matte finish, Long-lasting, Vegan

The shade 90’s Brown of Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick is designed to last. This shade is ideal for working all day and doesn’t have time to change its lip color.

In my opinion, it is a perfect dupe for the Mac velvet teddy as it is also long-lasting following mac. This is a high-quality lip color that will never let you down. It’s made of vegan components, which is a big bonus for lipstick fans.

90’s Brown has a great vibe that will make you look more confident and vibrant.

03# Hince Mood Enhancer (Timeless)

  • Shade: Timeless
  • Finish and Benefits: Flake free, Slim fitting texture

Hince Mood Enhancer (Timeless) has a deep, rich texture with a gentle matte finish. This Lipstick will add a layer of depth to your aura. The wonderful lip color will quickly make your lips silky and flake-free.

This lip hue will look natural and light no matter how many layers you apply. The lip color has an orange undertone, making it suitable for day and night usage.

Specially, When you use this at night, believe me when I say you will be the center of attention since it looks so good.

04# Eyret Velvet Mist Nude Lipstic (A-Nude)

  • Shade: A-Nude
  • Finish and Benefits: High Pigmented, Waterproof

The A-Nude shade of Eyret Velvet Mist Nude Lipstick is a lovely matte Lipstick. It has a lot of pigment. The LipstickLipstick is produced with elements that are both healthy and safe.

The LipstickLipstick is noted for its long-lasting and waterproof properties. So it won’t go away no matter how many cups of coffee you drink. Isn’t it fantastic?

The Lipstick’s packaging is quite attractive, and it will appeal to all females. The color is ideal for wearing on a regular basis or for special occasions, but you will always appear elegant.

05# Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick (Supermodel)

  • Shade: Supermodel
  • Finish and Benefits: Pigmented, vitamins antioxidants

The shade Supermodel of Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick contains highly pigmented vitamins antioxidants such as vitamin A and C, making it even more gorgeous. This sultry and fun Lipstick has an opaque finish and is incredibly pigmented.

This Lipstick has a matte texture that is fantastic. Acai berry, grape seed extract, and pomegranate are among the components in this lovely lip hue. This is a perfect alternate of mac Velvet teddy.

This lip color quickly gained popularity among lipstick fans due to its gorgeous finish and has since become everyone’s favorite. The nicest aspect about this color is that it looks great on practically everyone, so give it a try, whether you’re 18 or 50.

06# Bobbi Brown Lipstic (Brown)

  • Shade: Brown
  • Finish And Benefits: ultra-flattering, Unveiled

Every female who knows about makeup is familiar with Bobbi Brown and the quality of their products. Brown Bobbi in the shade Brown is a trendy and gorgeous nude lip color. When the lip color was unveiled, everyone went crazy, including me.

The lip color is ultra-flattering and has an incredible finish. Without a doubt, this is a color that can be worn at any time. The dazzling Lipstick has a wear time of about 10 hours. So, during these hours, you must be concerned about whether your Lipstick is perfect or not.

The Lipstick is both simple to use and comfortable to wear. This is the ideal Mac velvet teddy dupe. It’s a little more expensive than Mac’s velvet teddy, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

07# Gabriel Cosmetic Lipsticks (Eve)

  • Shade: Eve
  • Finish and benefits: Glossy Finish, Hydrating

My current favourite is Gabriel Cosmetic Lipsticks in the color Eve. This gorgeous lip color is infused with nourishing elements and has a long-lasting composition. The recipe gives it a natural and silky finish that lasts all day.

This lip color will not only give you a gorgeous nude finish, but it will also keep you hydrated. Because, the lip shade contains hydrating elements, including jojoba seed oil, Euphorbia Cerifera wax, Sesamum indium seed oil, lecithin, and bisabolol.

The lip shade’s consistency is light and gleaming. This is a dupe of Mac velvet teddy. You won’t be able to identify which of these two shades the other female is wearing if she doesn’t tell you.


So, in my opinion, these are the best Mac velvet teddy dupes. You may be able to come up with additional nude colours on your own, but if you’re seeking Mac velvet dupes, these seven are a must-try.

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