9 Best Mason Pearson Brush Dupes

Gorgeous hair is an essential part of beauty.

We spend so much time in skincare and makeup that we often forget about our hair. At least, that is the pattern with me. Hair care is something I am always falling behind- I barely do the necessary until I am visibly horrified by the look of my hair.

All that being said, there is something we always overlook. That is investing in a good quality hair brush.
And if I am talking about a hair brush, Mason Pearson is one of the common names that come to mind. I picked one up after my stylist recommended it and I was super impressed with the results!

And while I enjoyed the healthy hair and occasional hair masks, Mason Pearson was a bit too expensive. Especially for me who is always losing their hair brush. However, I found some Mason Pearson brush dupes that I think you should know about!

9 Best Mason Pearson Brush Dupes

01# Spornette DeVille Cushion Paddle Boar Bristle 344

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristle
  • Key Benefits: All Types of Wave Hair; Straightens & Smoothens

I picked this to be the first on my list for various reasons. Firstly, like Mason Pearson, this one is also made of Boar Bristles. But since most brushes I have picked have Boar Bristles, it is nothing too unique.

However, its overall shape makes it great to be used on long, thick hair. It has a smoothing effect that leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy.

This will also easily straighten hair with time. However, if you already have straight hair, that is not a feature that will change your life. But you can of course give it a try!

02# Misel Professional Styling Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristle
  • Key Benefits: Detangles & Smoothens; Can be Used for Extensions

This honestly is the perfect Mason Pearson brush dupe. Made of nice, soft boar bristles, this brush takes on a heavier job than you can imagine. It detangles your hair like Mason Pearson, and also smoothens as you go.

If you have hair extensions, you can still use this brush with ease. Not all hair brushes work for extensions, so I do recommend this a lot.

I am very positive that you will enjoy this brush. Do give this natural boar bristle brush a try!

03# Beauty by Earth Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristle
  • Key Benefits: Good for all Hair Types; Naturally Conditions

Although you can use this in multiple types of hair, you will love this the most if you have dry hair. Dry hair lacks moisture, so this naturally conditioning brush really hits the mark on conditioning your hair.

I found out about this when I saw my hairstylist use this. She said that this is a great tool to use before heat styling. But it is with regular use that one can see the difference.

In all honesty, I am no hair stylist but this is a staple in my vanity. Heat styling has become much easier as my hair is left soft and moisturized using this!

04# BESTOOL Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristle & Nylon Mixed
  • Key Benefits: Good for all Hair Types; Massages & Detangles

This mixed bristle brush is somewhat better than natural boar bristle brush. Why? Wait till you hear!

You may know that boar bristles are loved because of how soft they are. But people with really thick and coarse hair may not find them as pleasing as people with straight hair. Especially with a wet brush- it is war.

Here, the mixed bristles allow the nylon fibers to massage the scalp and smoothly brush through coarse hair. Along with that, the boar bristles softly glide through. This is a great tool to detangle your hair and control the frizz!

05# Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion NanoThermic Styler Paddle Brush

  • Bristle Type: Nylon Bristle
  • Key Benefits: Good for all Hair Types; Anti-Static

This one is a pretty special brush among the rest! Firstly, this paddle brush is constructed of nylon bristles. We know that nylon bristles are great for detangling hair without being too harsh. On top of that, quite literally, the end is rounded to be gentle to your scalp.

The bristles are ion charged and so they are anti-static. Thus, unlike usual brushes that trigger static electricity in your hair, this will not. So your hair will be safe from drying out and will not be prone to breaking.

For a Mason Pearson hair brush dupe, I do recommend this paddle brush, especially if you have dry, breakage prone hair type!

06# Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra

  • Bristle Type: Nylon Bristle
  • Key Benefits: Good for all Hair Types; Smoothens & Detangles

A good hairbrush should take care of all the detangling without breakage. Or getting stuck in your thick hair. I personally find this to be a good Mason Pearson brush dupe, because it perfectly detangles, even a thick hair type!

In this Denman brush, the nylon bristles are rounded to protect your scalp. Also, the padding is flexible to accommodate the contours of your head. This ensures ease of use while facing no tugging!

Denman hairbrush is a known and popular dupe for the Mason Pearson brush. So there is absolutely no harm in trying this out!

07# URTHEONE Hair Brush Boar Bristle Hairbrush

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristle
  • Key Benefits: Normal to Thick; Moisturizes

Okay, I recommend this one for people with normal to thick hair. There is no reason why you cannot use it if you have fine hair. However, I personally have seen my friends with fine hair not get much benefit out of it.

My explanation for that issue is that it could be that the bristles are too soft. So the brush is not as effective at taming fine hair.

All that being said, I enjoy the way it redistributes oil from the scalp to the rest of the hair length. The result is shiny and moisturized hair that I cannot just get enough of. This is one of the best Mason Pearson brush dupes on the market!

08# Belula Premium Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • Bristle Type: Boar Bristles with Nylon Pins
  • Key Benefits: Good for Thick Hair; Adds Shine & Moisturizes

If you want to replace your Mason Pearson hairbrush, you may want to take a look at this. This made the list of the best Mason Pearson brush dupes for a reason. Not only does this MP brush dupe have boar bristles like the famous MP brush, it does more.

The soft boar bristles are paired with nylon pins to turn the softness into gentle strength. Brushing wavy hair comes with its own struggle. It is because wavy hair is usually more delicate. So this is the right brush for brushing wavy hair.

This also adds shine by redistributing scalp oil through the length of the hair. Everyone enjoys nicely moisturized hair, right?

09# BFWood Stiff Boar Bristles Hair Brush for Men

  • Bristle Type: Wild Boar Bristles
  • Key Benefits: Good for Thick Hair; Adds Shine & Moisturizes

This one is for my men with coarse, thick hair. Using a hair brush to tame coarse and thick hair does not solve the problem. What you need is a brush that softens the coarse hair while detangling thick hair with ease.

The natural bristles are made of wild boar hair. Some of our natural hair needs this sort of brush- this is a balance of stiff and soft bristles. You can use it on both wet hair and dry. Even if you have curly hair that you find hard to tame, this should do the job.

I love how it softens hair by redistributing hair’s natural oils. This in turn also adds shine!

How to Keep your Brush or Comb Clean

A comb is comparatively easier to clean than brushes. Every week, take an old toothbrush and some liquid soap or shampoo. Use the brush to clean the comb thoroughly. If you follow this weekly there will not be any stubborn buildup of dirt!

For a brush, the key is regular cleaning. It is easy for hairbrushes to get gross with hair stuck in it. So make sure to take out all the hair stuck between the bristles after each use. Weekly cleanse in warm soapy water will also disinfect them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Can I Use Mason Pearson Brush on Wet Hair?

Ans: You definitely can! The Mason Pearson hairbrush is great to use on both dry and wet hair. Just be gentle because wet hair is usually more delicate, and you do not want hair fall!

Q2# What is so Great about a Mason Pearson Hairbrush?

Ans: With regular use, people have seen noticeable results. The hair feels much softer due to being conditioned, and there is added shine. It also smoothens your hair by reducing frizz!

Q3# Is Mason Pearson Brush Worth it?

Ans: It definitely is worth it if you have $175 lying around. But that being said, the price is justified because the brush is super durable.


So, how did you like reading about the 9 best Mason Pearson brush dupes? Have you decided which one you are going to buy? I know that any one you buy from the list will win your heart!

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