6 Best Urban Decay Setting Spray Dupes

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It has been a hot minute since I wrote something for you all! Be kind to me, this quarantine has been stressful. But it only means that I got more time to research and try out some more stuff for you!

Since summer is almost around the corner, faces with makeup melted down their chins would be more regular. And to make sure your face is not one of them, you will have to layer effectively.

A good longwearing foundation will do you good, but nothing beats the protection of a good setting spray. And when I say setting spray, Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray comes to the mind!

Now, that baby costs some big bucks, and I am almost always broke. For the folks who are in the same situation as me, I got 6 best Urban Decay setting spray dupes!

Why is a Setting Spray Important?

I do not judge you for asking that question. I spent my early makeup years completely without the supreme protection of a setting spray. I did not realize that I needed one. Until one day I used my friend’s MAC Fix+ and I was like, “Oh…”

Settings sprays, first and foremost, help your makeup to look flawless. When you spray the setting spray on your face, it locks together the upper layer of makeup. Not only does it mean that the powder just blends in, but everything else meshes well.

Additionally, most makeup sprays are made to make your makeup last long. Urban Decay is one of those sprays that make your makeup last all day and all night long. So if you are living in humid areas, you will have less risk of your makeup melting!

And lastly, there are several other types of setting sprays. Some are mattifying, some are dewy. Some are hydrating and are just more on the refreshing side.

Now that you know all these, you should have a pretty good idea about setting sprays. Also I hope you have a clearer concept of what kind of a setting spray you want. And if something that locks in your makeup is what you need, I know what you are thinking.

“Give me the Urban Decay Setting Spray dupes!” Yes I will! So without much further ado, let us dive in!

6 Best Urban Decay Setting Spray Dupes

01. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Finish Setting Spray

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  • Category: Best within a Budget!
  • Packaging: Compact
  • Main Similarity: Mattifying Effect

Wet n Wild is just one of those rare drugstore brands like NYX that provide top notch quality. But they do that without compromising with your budget!

As you can already understand, there are two reasons why I picked the wet n wild setting spray. Firstly, it is a great alternative to Urban Decay setting spray if you are on a budget. So, if you want to save a hell lot of money, go for this!

Another thing! This spray has that soft mattifying effect that Urban Decay does. It is not too drying, but it keeps the shine at bay. And does a pretty good job of making your makeup last!

Now, you can say that it is much smaller than the Urban Decay setting spray. You can buy 3 of these to get the same amount of product as the full-sized UD spray. But at a third of the price! So I think that is a win, after all!

Packaging wise this is much more compact and super easy to travel with too!

02. COVERGIRL Outlast Active All-day Setting Mist

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  • Category: Drugstore OG
  • Packaging: Similar to Urban Decay but not as Bulky
  • Main Similarity: Seals in your Makeup

Covergirl truly is the drugstore OG brand. I grew up watching my mom use a Covergirl mascara as her staple. And in my teenage years I had enough Covergirl products in my bag to look like the brand ambassador! That is right Covergirl, hire me!

Anyway, this setting spray is a part of their more fun and sport Outlast line. And staying true to its name, this setting spray makes your makeup outlast a storm. It completely seals in your makeup and resists transfer. Also a great pick for warm, humid weather!

It is a bit smaller than Urban Decay but nearly contains the same amount of product. That too at a much cheaper price! So I believe that this Drugstore OG deserves a place in your vanity or in your bag!

03. L’Oreal Paris Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

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  • Category: Great Reviews
  • Packaging: Similar to Urban Decay
  • Main Similarity: Makes your Makeup Longwearing

Do I need to introduce the Infallible line by Loreal? I do not think so.

The foundations of this line are super hyped for obvious reasons. Even the primer itself is considered a dupe of Smashbox Photofinish primer! But that is another story for another day.

This particular setting spray by L’oreal has one target. That is to make your makeup last longer. And according to all the reviews, it does so quite well! Now, I am going to be honest- I have not had the chance to use it myself. But my friends absolutely love it!

So after hearing all the good things, I believe it could be a good Urban Decay setting spray alternative. Since it is pretty cheap, why do you not try it yourself? Let me know if you do!

04. Maybelline New York Facestudio Lasting Fix Makeup Setting Spray

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  • Category: People Swear by it!
  • Packaging: Similar to Urban Decay
  • Main Similarity: Locks in your Makeup; Matte Finish

This is one of the products that you do not really care about until you try it. And when you do, you wonder why you never gave it a try!

The Maybelline FaceStudio line is also very well loved. But I feel as though over the years, the brand has sort of lost popularity among the more hyped brands. Maybe this is one of the products you can try and bring the brand back in conversation!

Similar to Urban Decay setting spray, it really extends your makeup wear, and gives you a matte finish. Even after 16 hours your makeup will look fresh, without having paid nearly the price of UD! How does that sound?

Packaging is very similar to UD. So if that is an issue with you, maybe you can look at some of the next products!

05. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Makeup Setting Spray

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  • Category: Cult Favourite
  • Packaging: Small & Sleek
  • Main Similarity: Matte Finish & Seal Makeup Well

Where do I start with NYX? It is a brand that is super close to my heart.

When I was delving into makeup beyond it being my passion, NYX saved me. It was my top pick while doing makeup on others! Because it was affordable and almost gave a high end performance. Well, it still does!

Now this baby here has almost half the product of Urban Decay setting spray. But the price is way lower than half the price of the Urban Decay setting spray! So you see, with this, in terms of quality, quantity and price point, you really have a strong contender.

I personally love it for the natural matte finish it gives me, very alike that of the UD setting spray. And I have noticed that it does make my makeup last longer. An Urban Decay setting spray dupe or not, this is a staple in my vanity.

06. GC Make Up Setting Spray

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  • Category: The Underdog
  • Packaging: Medium & Cute
  • Main Similarity: Seals you Makeup; Matte Finish

This one by Gerard Cosmetics is in the underdog category because I feel that it deserves more hype.
First and foremost, what does it not do? It comes in so many scented options- each as refreshing as the other. I sometimes love to use it as a refreshing spray on my bare face. Since it controls oil, my bare face looks nice and plump.

As an alternative to Urban Decay setting spray, it does more than you expect it to do. It seals your makeup, gives you a matte look but also has a refreshing effect. The product quantity is also good!

Even though the scent is fresh and subtle, if you are not one for fragrances, skip it. You have the other 5 sprays in this list to try!

Setting Spray Hacks:

If you are still confused whether you need a setting spray or not, take your time. But here are a few hacks I have tried and loved! So see if it helps you make a pick!

  • Spraying mattifying setting spray after primer and before foundation helps control oil. It stops oil to seep out and break down your foundation. This works great for extra oily skinned people like me!
  • Dampening your sponge with makeup setting spray is a good hack to make your foundation last longer. Just spritz a few pumps and start blending your foundation!
  • Shimmers not performing well? They do not look as vibrant on the eyes? Spray some setting spray on your brush and then apply your shimmers and metallic! You will love the finish!
  • You can spray it on a lip brush too to apply your lipstick! Makes the lipstick glide smoothly and last a bit longer. But except the gliding part, the longevity really is not a significant difference.

Cool? Is it not?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1# Does Urban Decay Setting Spray Expire?

Ans: Of course, it does! Like any other makeup products, it has a shelf life. So it will expire at some point. Depending on your storage condition, the shelf life may be extended or even reduced!

Q2# Is Setting Spray the Same as Primer?

Ans: No. Primer has a more gripping effect whereas setting sprays in general have a more sealing effect. But there are setting sprays that do the work of both! In fact, for oil control, relevant setting sprays can be layered on top of primer!

Q3# What Can I Use Instead of Setting Spray?

Ans: A good setting powder! It should help do some of the work of the setting spray. You can also spray primer waters on your face to help make your powder set down. That will add to the longevity of your makeup.

Q4# Does Setting Spray Clog Pores?

Ans: Ideally, most makeup products will not clog pores if you cleanse your face well. However, there are products that tend to clog pores, not going to lie. So if you face that problem, pick non-comedogenic products and do a double cleansing!


Before you go, do not forget to leave a comment about your thoughts! I would love to know if you have any dupes! I love the best Urban Decay setting spray dupes that I have selected, I hope you do too!

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